SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of optimizing a website to make it visible on Search Engines when a user searches for something related to the website. There are two aspects of SEO, 1st is “On Page SEO” and 2nd is “Off Page SEO”. SEO is one of the digital marketing activities which is performed to rank a website at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

What are Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)?

When a person searches for something on Search Engine then hundreds of result pages appear which contain lacs of websites links. These result pages are called SERP. The person has to go one-by-one from one page to another.

Why do we need SEO?

On Search Engines Millions of people visit per day and they search 10+ billions times per day. On each search, lacs of websites appear on Search Engines Result Pages (SERP). To make visibility in front of these Millions of people and to make the top position of your website among these lacs of websites we need SEO. Apart from SEO if you want fast and targeted result then you can choose PPC (Pay per Click) channel of Digital Marketing.

How does SEO work?

SEO is a combination of technology and creativity. Search Engines collect the web pages of millions of websites (which are open to be crawled by Search Engines) from servers through a software (crawler/bot). The collected web pages are stored in the Search Engines’ servers then displayed on SERP when a user searches for something related to these web pages (for example : if a user searches “What is SEO?” then the web pages containing these keywords or information related to these keywords are displayed to the user on SERP).

Every Search Engine follows their own algorithms. An algorithm is a set of formulas & commands. The algorithms decide whether a website is relevant to a user’s Searches or not. The most relevant website gets the top position on SERPs.

All the SEO activities on a website are done keeping the algorithms in mind. If any website is not optimized or designed according to algorithm then the website can be penalized or banned permanently on Search Engines. The SEO activities includes:

  • Content optimization
  • Web pages coding optimization
  • Linking with other websites
  • User friendly website creation
  • Mobile friendly web design
  • A well defined web navigation system creation
  • Plus there are more small & big activities includes

Once you complete above mentioned activities then Search Engine takes some time to understand the quality & relevancy of your website. The quality score of your website is decided by Search Engines based on many factors, here are few examples:

  • Speed of the website
  • Time spent on the website
  • Numbers of daily users
  • Content quality
  • How much a website is User friendly, Mobile Friendly, SEO Friendly
  • Coding  of the website
  • and many more factors

Search Engine Optimization is a vast activity and to actually get your website on any Search Engine you must have in-depth knowledge of how does search engine optimization (SEO) works in details. Then at the next level you have to learn some basic tips that how to get your website on Google or we can say how to get any website on search engine.

What are the benefits of SEO?

For SEO we don’t have to pay for any acquisition/conversion, only the cost of human efforts needs to pay. Here, the quality of marketing results are very high. It helps to gain high conversion rate, quality users, high ROI, 24×7 visibility and any more other benefits. SEO keeps giving you users/conversions even if you do not have a marketing budget.

Career opportunity in SEO

People find anything about any business/product/services through Search Engines only and this is the reason maximum businesses (small or big) want to make an online presence. To make visibility on Search Engines a SEO expert must be required. When you go to any Job Portal and search “SEO Jobs” then you will find thousands of job opportunities in different-2 sectors. If we talk about Salary then the organizations are paying a very good annual package to SEO experts. Apart from the job, a SEO expert can work as a Freelancer, he/she can make their own clients and can earn in lacs monthly. So, in the SEO field there are two opportunities to work either as Employee or as a Freelancer.