The site owners want their site to appear in Google’s search results when a user searches for something related to their site. But, every site do not get position on Google Search Engine because of many reasons. Generally non SEO expert publishers do not know to get their website on Google. In this article you will get some basic tips to “get your site on Google”. Below are some basis tips “how to get your site on Google’s Search Results”. For non SEO experts publisher in this website we have published some other useful content such as “how SEO works” and this article will you help you to know “what is SEO”

Some SEO Friendly tips “how got get indexed / crawled your website fast”

Make sure your website is indexed by Google

First of all you have to make sure that your website site is listed / stored in Google’s Index system. The site which is not indexed will not appear on Search Results. Generally Google itself finds new or updated sites you no need to do anything but still some sites get missed. Search your site on Google like “” to check if your site is indexed or not. If you still do not find your website then you can take some corrective steps as mentioned below:

  • Link your Website : Linking your website with another site which is regularly visited by Google. This activity will let the Google find your website easily
  • You just launched new website : Google lakes time to find a newly launched website so it will be good if you manually submit the site for indexing through Google Search Console.
  • Design of the website : If the design of your website is not SEO friendly then it makes difficult for Google to crawl or index your website. It is suggested to use maximum text rather than only images and video in you website.
  • Allow Google to crawl website : Some time you do not notice that unintentionally you have blocked Google from crawling / indexing your website through robots.txt / “noindex” tags. So, before making your site live make sure that you have allow search engines to index and crawl your website

Publish only user friendly content on your website

Google understand that a website is built only for its users. If any search engine find that the website is making fool to users or the site is not useful for users then search engine either will not index or rank on Google search results. Some website owners only aims to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP) and to achieve their goal they only create SEO friendly content which is very irritating for users because that content stuff unnecessary keywords, senseless sentence, incomplete paragraph, meaning less articles, etc. Search Engine do not like any web page or website which is not for users.

Create Business Listing on Google

Creating business listing also help you to get on Google easily and fast and also good review and rating help your business grow.

Built a a responsive website

Google likes website which are responsive on all devices because Search engine like Google think that all the webpage are not access only on desktop or mobile user can access the website from any device which as internet and a browser. So, a website should properly display on all screen sizes.

Your site should be secure

Users trust on secure website and this is reason Google preferer the secure website. Secure your website with HTTPS.

User Google Search Console tool

If you do not want to wait for Google to come and crawl your website then index it. You can manually submit your website for crawling and indexing through Google Search Console tool. This is a free tool by Google and you can monitor many other activities related to Search / SEO.

Work on Google Technical Requirements

As you know Google is a technical software and understand technical signals only. So, a website owner must take care of all Google’s technical requirements which help the search engine to understand and index your website in its database. The website, which is not indexed, will not appear on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Bad technical structure of a website will cause to lose of SEO traffic.