What is SMO in Digital Marketing?

Social Media Optimization is another channel of digital marketing. SMO marketing uses online social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Many people think that SMO is used to only increase the users on a website but this is not so. Apart from website traffic, Social Media Optimization helps a business or person to build a strong relationship with their audience/fans. SMO is good for brand awareness, increasing users/fans, and building relationships. Each social media platform has their own ways of interacting with the audience; for example: on twitter micro blogging works well and on instagram images and video works.

How does social media optimization work?

An advertiser builds the content in the form of text, images, and video which contain the information about any business or person then the content is published on social media websites. After a few days the content is analyzed by the advertiser to see how many people clicked, liked, commented and shared it. Based on these results the further content strategy is built because social media platforms give the maximum reach to only those content which has maximum engagement rate and this is the reason an advertiser focuses more to build engagement. Sometimes the advertiser takes help from a paid advertisement program to increase the engagement and customers.

Benefit of Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Increase engagement on your products, services or content.
Increase users on your website to get leads or sell something.
Make aware your audience about new launches or content through SMO quickly.
Interact with your fans to know what they are expecting from you.
On social media two way communication is done so, you can take feedback from your. customer to improve product / services or you can resolve their query.
SMO is good to catch new audiences / fan base.
Most of the active users are available there only on Social Media Platforms around the world.
People spend their maximum time on social network platforms only when they are online so, there is opportunity that they can understand your business in detail.

When to use SMO?

Nowadays social media presence is becoming mandatory for each business and personality because social media websites have an enormous daily active users base. SMO is a kind of “Push Marketing” where you push your content to users. You can avoid SMO if your focus is only “Pull Marketing”. Pull Marketing means people are intentionally searching for products or services you deal in, SEO and SEM is the example of “Pull Marketing”.

Career opportunity in Social Media Optimization

You just go to any job portal and search for Social Media Optimization Manager, you will see there are lots of job opportunities in the market. Just read any job in detail then you will find that salary packages are also very attractive. Also almost a decade ago there was no Social Media job position or profile in the industry but as the social media websites are getting popular and becoming giant (in terms of users base) day-by-day in the world you can see lots of job opportunities in social media marketing.