Top 10 Courses in Journalism

Media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy in India. If you are interested in working in a media organization like a Newspaper, TV Channel or on Radio then Journalism or Mass Communication is the course for you. Journalism has many branches like Print Journalism, Tv Journalism, Radio Journalism, Advertising Journalism, Public Relation Journalism, Investigative Journalism, Photojournalism. Print Media, Radio and TV Journalism are the main or the core branches of mainstream Journalism. Rest of the courses are supplementary courses like Advertising & Public Relation (AD&PR), but they are interconnected with the mainstream media. Without Ad & PR it is not feasible to manage the operations of the entire media industry.  

There are many journalism colleges & media houses in India that offer media courses on Journalism and mass communication. Just like all other courses media courses are also divided in three categories like degree courses (Bachelors 3-year course), Masters (2 years course) and last but not least Diploma courses which is a one-year course. Certificate courses are also offered by many institutes in photography and script writing etc. But if you want to be a Journalist then one thing you should never forget is that the real test of a Journalist is not tested in the classroom but in the field work while making a newsbyte. Below is the list of the top courses offered in India:

List of Top Ten Courses in Journalism

  • 1. BA in Journalism

    Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a three-year undergraduate integrated course in which a holistic view of the complete course of Journalism is given to the student that includes Print Media, Radio & TV Journalism and Ad & PR Course. A Holistic view of all these courses is taught in the curriculum of the three years course. Students from all streams (Humanities, Commerce or Science) can apply for the entrance of this course after 12th class. Many institutes conduct entrance exams and many take interviews and group discussion before admitting any student to the course. Admission criteria differs from institute to institute, so always check the criteria before applying for the course. There are many universities that offer this three year degree course in Journalism.

  • 2. Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

    It’s a five-years integrated course in which the student has been granted both the degrees, a bachelor’s degree of BA and Bachelors degree of Journalism and Mass Communication. Students from any stream science, arts or commerce can apply for this course right after 12th class. There are many institutes that offer this course like Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS).

  • 3. PG Diploma in Print Journalism

    There are many institutes that offer one year diploma courses on print media journalism. The nomenclature of the course may differ from institute to institute but their curriculum, syllabus or objective of the course is more or less similar i.e., to teach the student the functioning of print media (Newspapers & Magazines). This course is offered in different vernaculars also across India that differs from state to state. Institutes like the Indian Institute of Mass Communication is one of the oldest and the premier government institutes that offer this course.

  • 4. PG Diploma in Radio & TV Journalism

    Radio & TV Journalism is the second brand of the mainstream media. If you want to be an Anchor, News Reporter, News Correspondent on Tv news channel or a Radio Jockey on Radio Broadcasting then this is the course for you. Job of the news reporter is supposed to be the toughest part of this field because at times it involves life threatening risk too. There are many institutes that offer diploma courses in Radio & TV Journalism.

  • 5. PG Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations (AD & PR)

    It’s an integrated course of Advertising and Public Relations. And the most supportive pillar to the mainstream media. It connects together all the personnel and organizations of mass media. In this course the student has been taught about the functioning and management of Advertising and PR agencies. They also learn the techniques and principles of production of advertisements and the methods of its marketing. PR agencies work as a mediator that connects the news reporters with the event organisers. In public relations students also learn about corporate communications. A great emphasis is given on the improvement of language skills and overall personality development. There are many institutes that offer the PG Diploma course on AD & PR.

  • 6. BA in Multimedia

    This course is primarily based on art, creativity and imagination. Students have been taught to work on computer software and applications to design and create animations, graphic designing, multimedia visuals, and video editing. These graphic designing and animations are used in news channels and other TV programmes. There are several courses available on Animation and Multimedia. Students should opt for the best course depending upon the syllabus of the course. There are several private institutes that offer courses on animation and multimedia. It’s a 3 years degree course and students from any stream can apply for this course. There are a lot of job opportunities in media production houses in animation and multimedia streams.

  • 7. MA in Convergent Journalism

    Convergent Journalism is a new stream of Mass Communication. Convergent Journalism is a new platform where the print and electronic media merge together. It’s a need of the hour or it can be said that over the period of time the field of Journalism has also evolved itself and new branches of Journalism has emerged from it. Convergent Journalism is one such stream in which the news story has to write in such a way that it could fit in almost all platforms of news production and publication. Like from newspaper to Radio and TV platform, and from TV to social media, online journalism, news websites, digital news story. All the news items are merged in one place called “online Journalism” where a reader can read the story and at the same time can watch the video as well linked to it and visit the other relevant news item as per the preference. A.J.K Mass Communication Research Centre of Jamia University is offering a masters degree in this course.

  • 8. Bachelor in Media Science

    Bachelor in Media Science is an integrated multidisciplinary course wherein students have been given the holistic view of all the technology used in different branches of mainstream media. Students were made familiar with theoretical concepts of all disciplines of mass communication and the equipment and technology used in radio and TV journalism. Students have been taught to work on social media and online journalism. It’s a 3 years degree course offered by many institutes across India and students from any stream science, commerce or Humanities can apply for this course after 12th class.

  • 9. Investigative Journalism

    The name of the course speaks for itself. Here in investigative Journalism reporter or the investigative Journalist investigate the hidden facts and evidence or a news scoop on a particular issue like crime, corruption, scam, scandal. It’s an interesting area like a sting operation wherein the investigation has been done secretly and confidentially. The entire investigation is based on the smartness and intelligence of the Journalist. There are many institutes worldwide that offer online courses on investigative journalism. It’s an additional qualification in the portfolio of the Journalist.

  • 10. Photojournalism

    Photojournalism is also a new stream wherein the story is presented by using just one tool that is camera. A photojournalist can cover a story by photos or by videos. Photojournalists can form a story or a narrative by showing the photographs in a chronological order or in other words in the sequence of the happenings of the event or incident. Photojournalists can also use the camera to make documentaries on realistic events and incidents. There are many institutes worldwide that offer online courses for Photojournalism.

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