School reopening date 2021 is a very hot issue amongst the students on social media but how and when it will reopen is still a big question now.

Students, teachers and parents all are worried for the future and career of the students as circumstances are not quite favourable to reopen the schools in the time we are passing through. States are putting every effort to curb the spread of the pandemic but still chances are bleak and nobody is sure as to how and when the school will resume its offline classes.

Most of the states like Haryana, J &K, Telangana and a few other states also have already extended the summer vacations till the end of the 30th June. And many other states also seemed to be extending the vacation till the end of June. But since the graph of the pandemic seems to be going down it is expected that many states in the days to come might resume the physical classes for schools and higher education institutions in India.

Students from all sections of the society have been found to put this question on social media networking websites like twitter that “when will the schools reopen?”. It is expected that the government will make some decisions soon in the interest of the schools and higher education students. But what will be the guidelines to reopen or resume the offline or online education mode for schools and other higher education institutions is still a big question for the government in India.

It is expected that students will have to maintain social distance and they will be asked to wash their hands at regular intervals and wearing masks will also be compulsory in all the educational institutions. But the big decision from the side of the government is still awaited. The career of the students is still at stake till the time things will not come back to its normal state.

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