Students are in stress and CBSE is in dilemma as no one is sure what CBSE is going to decide on the 1st June,2021. There are numerous speculations going around the news portals and social media about the cancellation of the class 12th board examination. Teachers and parents are concerned for the students and some are of the opinion that the CBSE should cancel the examination considering the current situation created by the Pandemic.

But cancelling the board exam would be a big & tough decision. There are multiple reasons for that. First of all, 12th class in the top most class of school education and if the exams will not be conducted then evaluating the students based on their internal exams and internal assessment would be a difficult task because it can cause some amount of dissatisfaction in a segment of the students who think that they can perform better if the exams will be conducted.

On the other side there is a huge outcry and persistent demand for the cancellation of the examination has been noticed on social media like twitter from other segments of parents and students who are undergoing the exam stress and anxiety. The fate of the students will now be decided on 1st of the June, 2021.

CBSE has already cancelled the class 10th examinations and adopted the policy of ‘internal assessment’ for evaluating the results for class 10th board examination. As per the news reports some officials of the CBSE are of the view that if the exams will be cancelled then the results of the students of class 12 board examination may also be assessed on the same lines and policy of the ‘internal assessment’ adopted by the CBSE for class 10th.

But as per the last update CBSE has said that they will review the situation on 1st of June and accordingly they will decide whether CBSE will conduct the examination or assess the students based on any other criteria. But for time being the examination for class 12th board has been deferred by the CBSE.

To deal with the anxiety and stress of the students and parents CBSE has also launched a new app “CBSE Dost for Life” just a few days back in which students and parents will be provided free live psychological counselling from the psychologist and counsellors to reduce the level of stress and anxiety amongst the parents and students.