In consonance to the National Educational Policy (NEP) the government of India is planning to set up a new autonomous body, National Education Technology Forum (NETF) to regulate the technological and e-learning education in India from schools to higher education. This new unit under the Ministry of Education will boost technical education in India from all technical perspectives.

The government has done several meetings with the central and state boards in the past months to prepare a list of the resources required to set a fully effective technically supportive education system in India. The ministry has asked to prepare the resources and the funds required to implement such an education system in India which will be technically savvy.

This new technological based education system in India will replace the old style of non-technical education system with the new style of advanced technical education system which will be equipped with all the technical equipment and technical support required to impart the education with the help of technology. The schools will be equipped with all latest technical equipment like the computers, smart classrooms, laptops with high-speed internet facility.

To execute this plan the government will hire technical experts from the IT industry. Initially the government will fund the programmes but later private players can also participate for the growth of technically equipped education systems in India. Most of the schools today have old fashioned simple computer education courses but now new courses like coding, artificial intelligence, and other such programmes shall also be introduced in the school education system.

The unit like NETF will be very helpful to deal with current situations like Pandemic. When the school will be equipped with all the technology it will be easy to impart education without depending upon the physical classes. The NETF is expected to be set by 2022. The NETF will provide a platform to the schools and universities to impart education with the use of the best technology.

The NETF will provide all the technical support from hardware to software which is required to set up a technically efficient education in schools and colleges in India. NETF can bring an evolution in the e-learning based education system in India.