Students will be evaluated and results will be prepared in accordance with the well-defined criteria in a time bound manner.

In a high-level meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Modi, the government has decided to cancel the Class 12th CBSE board examination 2021. PM Modi said that health and safety is of the utmost importance and we cannot compromise on that. He further said that the current pandemic situation has already affected the academic year and the students, teachers and parents are already undergoing lots of stress and anxiety due to the situation caused by the pandemic. The PM said that in such a stressful scenario students cannot be forced to appear in the examination and we have to put an end to this anxiety and stress which is persistently daunting the students, teachers and parents.

PM Modi said that the results will be prepared in accordance with the well-defined criteria in a time bound manner. PM Modi said that this decision is taken in the interest of the students. Immediately after the announcement of this decision CISCE has also decided to cancel the ISC class 12th board examination. It is a long-awaited decision but in wake of this decision the other states too might also cancel their state level class 12th board examination. All the students, parents and teachers of class 12 board examination were waiting for this decision to come for so long. Every section of the society was in stress and confusion as nobody was sure what the government was going to decide but now this much awaited decision is out now. It brought a great relief to the students of class 12th.

PM Modi further said that exams cannot become a reason to put the life of the students at risk. He further directed all the stakeholders to show some sensitivity towards the students.  

Students and teachers are showing excitement on social media like twitter by tweeting. As Anamitra Bagchi a twitter user tweeted “It’s a wise decision and we agree with it. Every State Council should maintain the uniform policy of cancellation.”